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The Radio Company: A Trusted Supplier of Two-Way Radios

A boutique telecommunications business supplying two-way radio communications equipment to Kiwi companies and events.

On set, on site, at work, at your big event, out in the field: The Radio Company will help you keep in touch with a two-way radio system that’s simple to manage, effective and reliable.
10-4 Rubber Ducky!

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The Radio Company’s Walkie Talkie Story

Remember playing with walkie talkies as a kid? Louise, owner and founder of The Radio Company sure does! And loved it so much that she made a career out of it.

With a solid background in the telecommunications industry, Louise established The Radio Company over a decade ago. They are now the leading supplier of two-way radios to the New Zealand film and TV industry.

Louise and her team have an excellent relationship with their suppliers, they are part of the family, and have been dealing with them for over a decade. They are all about efficiency and professionalism, but not in an uptight way! Equally product and people focused, their customer service is second to none.

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Why The Radio Company?

Well, firstly, walkie talkies are cool! And beyond that, we provide bespoke advice to determine your communication needs and help find your ideal two-way radio gear set up. Rely on The Radio Company for:
● Consistency in customer service and product excellence
● Responsiveness to your requests – even last minute!
● 24/7 service
● Up-to-date, high-quality Motorola technology
● Long- and short-term hire agreements
● Two-way radio sales and servicing

Plus, The Radio Company supply accessories free of charge to round out your hire package.

Reach out to The Radio Company today to discuss your two-way radio hire needs (call them walkie talkies if it makes you feel cooler!), and get on the mailing list to keep in touch about new gear and great offers.
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