Motorola Two-Way Radio Hire

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The Radio Company is a trusted supplier of professional two-way radio equipment in NZ.

Need reliable communications for your event, shoot, site or business? Copy that!

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As well as Motorola two -way radios, we’ll also include whatever radio accessories you’ll need – free! Ask about:

Lapel & remote speaker microphones


Flexi ear hook ear pieces


6-way multi charging unit


Why Hire?

Hiring from The Radio Company ensures that you receive high quality Motorola two-way radio equipment that works. We deal with all the tech stuff so that you don't have to. All you need to do is tell us about your communication needs and we’ll deliver the perfect solution for you.

By using Motorola two-way radios, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment that you may not use again for a while… if at all. Simply tell us the term you need the equipment for and we’ll provide what you need for as long as you need it.

The Radio Company delivers everything you need, from radios and accessories, to portable wifi units and a top notch radio repair servicing centre. Reach out to discuss your hire requirements now.